Monday, June 20, 2011

Leadership 3.0 - LeadforIndia Vision 2050


One day before 2050, India will be the world leader in scientific and spiritual wisdom.


Through a journey of deeply meaningful experiences, we will create leaders with the moral fibre of Gandhiji, intellect of Nehru and compassion of Mother Teresa who will go on to work in spiritual unison towards the vision.

Our core values

1.       Spirituality – We recognize that all knowledge, all wisdom, all morality, all love and compassion, all intuition, all creativity is within us and it will be our endeavor to find the highest form of self through the various means of - service to people (Karma and Bhakti Yoga), intellectual discrimination (Jnana Yoga) and control of senses through austerity (Raja Yoga/Hatha Yoga).

2.     Social capital – We recognize the power of every spirited individual to create a movement by themselves. We are committed to serving children, youth and adults in our various means of spirituality, thereby building a circle of committed volunteers for our mission and vision.

3.       Public service – We recognize politics as a noble endeavor and one of the many means to serve people. We are committed to creating political leaders of highest quality and integrity who are devoted to the cause of our mission and vision.

Our theory of change

Youth with leadership potential when put through a series of personally transformative experiences over 2 years will develop into leaders with integrity, idealism and an indomitable will to realize the vision2050.

Potential activities in the fellowship

*      Pre read of books which cover India – Discovery of India ,  Argumentative Indian, Inspite of the Gods, India after Gandhi, Makers of Modern India, India: Development and Participation

*      Induction program – 3 days
(Vision, mission, core values, expectations and team building)

*      Vipassana 10 day course – 12 days
(For Increased Morality, Concentration and Experiential awareness of self)

*      Pre travel departure program – 3 days
(Reflecting on Vipassana workshop, Indian culture, heritage and values, preparing for India yatra)

*      India Darshan part 1 -  12 days
(Travel around India in groups of 2-3 to all the states. Write photo journals and experience both Bharat and India. Grassroutes and Tata Jagriti are models to partner with or emulate)

*      Yoga teacher training course – 1 month
(A program which will establish all fellows in control of senses apart from health and well being)

*      Service program – 10 months minimum and extendable based on fellow choice
(An ashram based program in which fellows learn, serve, teach, share , organize and grow. Fellows will teach yoga to everyone, curricular and extra curricular help beyond school for children, organize service programs in communities, learn through various suggested readings, discourses, leadership forums, group discussions and reflections, organize Vipassana course for people in community and of course, grow spiritually and intellectually in the whole process)

*      Media stint or Parliament associate stint or NGO stint – 6 months minimum
(Work with a print or electronic media group or a parliamentarian or a political party executive unit or an NGO/think tanks to understand the national and local issues deeply)

*      India Darshan part 2 – 12 days
(Plan this trip on your own and go to areas of your own interest for discovering yourself and India)

*      Post travel retreat and graduation– 3 days
(Get together, sharing of experiences and learnings and graduation ceremony)